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Melbourne Refrigerated Transport

Navigate Melbourne's unique challenges with Zero Degrees Logistics' expert refrigerated transport services, ensuring your goods arrive in perfect condition.


Melbourne, known for its vibrant culture and varied geography, poses unique challenges in refrigerated transport. At Zero Degrees Logistics, we embrace these challenges, offering unparalleled refrigerated transport services tailored for Melbourne's diverse needs. Our fleet is equipped with the latest cooling technologies, ensuring that from the bustling laneways of the CBD to the outer reaches of the suburbs, your goods are transported under optimal conditions.

Our experienced drivers are well-versed in navigating Melbourne's streets, ensuring punctuality and product integrity. Whether catering to a high-end restaurant in Southbank or delivering medical supplies to a clinic in St Kilda, we provide solutions that are as diverse as the city itself.

Key Features:

  • Extensive local knowledge for efficient navigation in Melbourne.

  • Versatile fleet to accommodate various sizes of consignments.

  • Specialized handling for a range of products, from artisanal foods to delicate pharmaceuticals.

  • Commitment to on-time delivery, upholding the highest standards of service quality.

Why Choose ZDL

Zero Degrees Logistics is your trusted partner in refrigerated transport across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Our wealth of knowledge and industry experience means you can take comfort in knowing that your products are being handled with the right care, and stored at the right temperature from pick-up to delivery.

20+ Years of Industry Experience

Interstate Chilled Transport

Refrigerated Trucks and Vans

Temperature Control Guaranteed

Cold Storage Facility & Warehousing

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Seeking a refrigerated transport solution in Melbourne? Fill in our enquiry form and let us show you why Zero Degrees Logistics is your go-to for navigating Melbourne’s unique logistics landscape.

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