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Meat, Seafood & Poultry

Elevate the freshness and safety of your meat, seafood, and poultry products with Zero Degrees Logistics' specialized cold chain solutions.


At Zero Degrees Logistics, we understand the delicate nature of meat, seafood, and poultry products. The success of businesses in this industry relies heavily on maintaining the freshness, quality, and safety of their products. Our cold chain logistics solutions are meticulously designed to meet these demands.

We employ cutting-edge refrigeration technology and real-time temperature monitoring to ensure that your products are transported and stored at the precise temperatures required for optimal preservation. From slaughterhouses and processing facilities to distribution centers and retailers, our expertise in handling temperature-sensitive goods guarantees the integrity of your products at every stage.

Key Highlights:

  • Temperature-controlled transportation for meat, seafood, and poultry.

  • Strict adherence to food safety regulations.

  • Customized solutions for different product types.

  • A team of experts dedicated to the meat, seafood, and poultry industry.

When you partner with Zero Degrees Logistics, you can be confident that your products will maintain their quality and safety, from farm to fork. Enhance your brand reputation and customer satisfaction by entrusting your cold chain logistics to us.

Why Choose ZDL

Zero Degrees Logistics is your trusted partner in refrigerated transport across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Our wealth of knowledge and industry experience means you can take comfort in knowing that your products are being handled with the right care, and stored at the right temperature from pick-up to delivery.

20+ Years of Industry Experience

Interstate Chilled Transport

Refrigerated Trucks and Vans

Temperature Control Guaranteed

Cold Storage Facility & Warehousing

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Explore our specialized solutions for the meat, seafood, and poultry industry. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can meet your unique logistics needs.

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